rch full form – What is the full form of RCH?

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rch full form & What is RCH?

rch full form
rch full form

The Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) program is an extension of the Family Welfare Program or Safe Maternity or Child Survival and Safe Maternity Program Maternal and Child Health.

Reproductive and Child Health program and RCH Portal is a legal initiative launched in India on 15 October 1997.

The program covers the entire country for reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health care.

The program is expected to help women with infertility problems, pregnancy cycles and childbirth.

It has taken care of the safety of mother and child. It also covers couples and their safety.

Under this program, pregnant women and children born after delivery get all the vaccines for the next two and a half years with the same ID.

Under this program, a 12-digit ID number is given to a pregnant woman by the health department with the help of which she can get her child vaccinated at any government health center anywhere.

After the implementation of this system, all the information of pregnant woman and child will be available from the same number through RCH ID Number. Whereas before this, when there was an entry in the manual register, there was an entry in two different registers for both mother and child.

RCH Full Form – What is the full form of RCH?

So friends let me tell you that the full form of RCH is Reproductive and Child Health Program.

Which is called “Reproductive and Child Health Program”.

RCH Full Form – Reproductive and Child Health Program

What is the Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Program?

RCH (Reproductive Child Health) program which is called “Reproductive and Child Health Program”.

what is RCH
what is RCH

This program was started by the Central Government in 1997 to know about the health care provided to mothers and children.

Under this program, an online portal called Reproductive & Child Health has been launched by the Government of India in which information related to vaccines for pregnant women and post-delivery children up to two and a half years can be found anywhere in the country with a single ID.

Earlier in the health department, under MCTS (Mother Child Trafficking System), name and date of birth had to be used for information related to vaccination given to pregnant women and children.

Upon registration in RCH (Reproductive Child Health) portal, pregnant women will be given a 12 digit ID number before delivery. Using this ID, children can get vaccinated anywhere in the country by giving information related to vaccination. In the earlier system, registers were created to record information related to mother and child.

But now under RCH (Reproductive Child Health) program, data related to family planning, data related to condom, copper tea, ipals distribution, vaccination related data etc. will be kept in this portal. Earlier a pregnant woman had to make an entry in a separate register for two children but now the same ID will be given for both the children.

Under this program, a mobile app called Anmol will be given to the respective ANMs of all sections in the district. In which the details of all types of health services received by the mother and the child will be uploaded by ANM.

This will enable the pregnant woman to view her details from her ID by visiting the portal https://rch.nhm.gov.in/RCH/ on her mobile. Pregnant women have three antenatal tests before delivery. Information of this investigation will also be uploaded under this system. This will let pregnant women know when and which vaccine to take.

Through this process, a pregnant woman living anywhere in India and after having a child, she gets the vaccine for two and a half years with only one ID.

The Government of India, through the Department of Health and Family Welfare, has created an RCH Portal for obtaining information, registers, date entry reports, etc. of pregnant women and newborns. Any user can access this web portal through the link https://rch.nhm.gov.in/.

RCH Portal Login Process (Login Process on RCH Portal)

  1. First of all open the official online website of RCH Portal https://rch.nhm.gov.in/RCH/.
  2. Here on the homepage, select the “Data Entry” option and then click on the Login tab.
  3. Then select the Proceed option and select the link https://rch.nhm.gov.in/RCH/Login.aspx.
  4. Now select State and State Code on the next menu.
  5. Now after this, enter the username and password on the login page.
  6. Then enter the captcha code and click on the Login button.
  7. You can now access any data from this page.

How to Set Location on the RCH Portal? How to set location on Rch Portal?

To access RCH data entry, the user must be accompanied by a government official with knowledge of login details. After logging in with the proper details, the user can enter the data online.

Below are the steps for this:

  1. First go to RCH Portal using the link https://rch.nhm.gov.in/RCH/. And login with proper details.
  2. Now in the menu here, select the “Set Location” option.
  3. Now after this, go to the option of “Set Data Entry Hierarchy”.
  4. Select District, Health Block / Ward and Health Facility Types here.
  5. Now select your PSC, Sub Facility Center and Village.
  6. Finally click on the SET button.
  7. How to fill different data on RCH Portal?

RCH Portal Data Entry

List of options on the data entry page

After setting the location, the user should click on the Data Entry tab on the menu to enter various data. The system will then open a data entry page in which you will see data entry options for different fields, as shown below:

  1. Advanced search
  2. Bank information entry
  3. Child entry
  4. Direct data entry
  5. EC Re-registration
  6. Eligible couples for the RCH program
  7. Health provider / ASHA entry
  8. JSY PFMS module
  9. Pregnant women entry
  10. The profile entry

From these you select any option according to your need.

For data entry of ANM ASHA registration on RCH Portal in this list of options, select Options Health provider / ASHA entry option. Under this option you will be able to enter data of Asha worker using RCH portal.

Other RCH Full Form

So friends, above we have given information about RCH Full Form (RCH Full Form) and details about it.

The term RCH is mostly used in the short term of the Reproductive and Child Health Program, but there are many more Full Forms of the word RCH. In the field this short form RCH is used for different contexts.

So here in this article we have given RCH term (short form) different Full Form according to each field. You can see the full form of this RCH term (short form) for any field according to your need.

FAQ About RCH Full Form

What is RCH Program? What is RCH program?

The RCH (Reproductive and Child Health) Register was updated in 1997 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and launched the new RCH Portal.

Under the RCH (Reproductive Child Health) program, apart from gathering health information of village pregnant women and infants, vaccinations and health facilities are provided to them.

The program aims to increase and expand access to reproductive, child health and family planning services for all rural women, including children under 14 years of age.

What is RCH Number? What is RCH number?

Under the RCH (Reproductive Child Health) program, the name of the pregnant woman is entered online on the RCH portal as soon as she becomes pregnant and she is given a 12 digit ID number. As soon as the pregnant woman is registered on the RCH portal, all investigations are started.

Using this ID, children can get vaccinated anywhere in the country by giving information related to vaccination.

What is the need of RCH? What is the purpose of RCH program?

The RCH program focuses on reduction in maternal mortality ratio, infant mortality rate and overall fertility rate.

It also aims to increase marital safety rates and child immunization coverage. And the goals of the RCH program are to reduce the maternal mortality ratio from 60 to 55.

What is RCH Full Form in Banking?

RCH Full Form in Banking is Recognized Clearing House

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