Percentage Calculator in 2 Easy Steps – How to Calculate Percentage Using Formula?

percentage calculator – Before knowing how to calculate percentage, it is more important for us to know what is percentage and why it is important to have percentage in our life.

Friends Percentage is a kind of Fraction or Ratio which is expressed between the number 0 to 100. Percentage is also called percentage, whose symbol is % this. We abbreviate percentages as “pct” or “pct.” also says. You will get to see the use of percentage in many places such as

  • The total number of marks you have secured in any exam result is based on percentage only.
  • When a discount offer comes in a shop, it is shown in percentage only.
  • Cashback is also given in percentage if you do online shopping or recharge.
  • If you go to any bank to take Personal Loan, Business Loan or any other kind of loan, then interest is told to you in percentage only.
  • If you work as a seller in a company, then on the purchase of every product, you get commission only in percentage.
  • How much profit or loss happened this time in comparison to the previous year or month of any company, it is also known in percentage only.

So by now we have come to know that what is percentage and how important is percentage in our life.

We are taught to calculate the percentage in our childhood, but if you have forgotten to calculate the percentage or any student who wants to learn to calculate the percentage, then read the post thoroughly and know how to calculate the percentage.

percentage calculator – How To Calculate Percentages in 3 Easy Steps (With Examples)

percentage calculator
percentage calculator

Method 1: To find the percentage(percentage calculator)

Formula to Calculate Percentage Scored Marks × 100 Total Marks

In simple words, first of all, multiply the number of marks obtained by you by the number 100 and divide the result by the total marks.

For example percentage calculator, if a student has secured 450 marks out of 600, then we know how to calculate his percentage.

  • First of all we have to multiply 450 by 100 which results in 45,000.
  • Now we have to divide 45,000 by 600 which results in 75.
  • Meaning that if a student gets 450 marks out of 600, then his percentage is 75%.

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Method 2: To find the number by percentage – percentage calculator

Let’s assume that you already know the percentage and also know about the total marks, but you do not know how many marks you got in the exam. To find this out, first of all assume that you have scored x marks. Now the total marks have to be divided by 100 marks. Now whatever result you get, you will multiply it by the percentage, then you will get to know how many marks you have actually scored.

For example – percentage calculator, if you gave a paper of 600 marks, in which you get 75%, but you do not know how many marks you have secured, then let’s find out.

  • First of all, 600 has to be divided by 100, which results in 6.
  • This time you already know that you have 75% so you have to multiply it by 6 which results in 450.
  • Meaning that if a student gets 75% in a paper of 600 marks, then he must have secured 450 marks.

In the same way if you already know your percentage and also know how many marks you have secured but to find out how many marks the paper was of total you need to do some different calculation. To find this out, multiply the number of marks obtained by the number 100. Now whatever result comes, divide it by your percentage, then you will know the total marks.

For example, if you have secured 450 marks in the exam and you also know that you have got 75%, but to find out how many marks the paper was in total, find out in this way something like this.

  • First, multiply 450 by 100, which results in 45,000.
  • You already know your percentage that is 75%, so divide 45,000 by 75, which results in 600.
  • Which means that if someone has secured 450 marks and 75% in the exam, then the paper will be of total 600 marks.

Percentage Calculator: Percentage of a Number

  • 10 of 500 is: 2%
  • 20% of 500 is: 100
  • 40% of 478 is exactly: 191.2
  • 450 is 10% of: 4,500
  • 450 is 69.23 % of 650
  • 478 is 15% more of: 406.3
  • 478 is 40% greater than: 341.43
  • 478 is 40% of: 1,195
  • 478 is 40% smaller than: 796.67
  • 478 minus 40% is: 286.8
  • 478 plus 40% is: 669.2
  • 541 plus 12% is: 605.92
  • 650 is 144.44 % of 450
  • From 400 to 40 is a decrease of 90%
  • From 450 to 650 is an increase of 44.44 %
  • From 650 to 450 is a decrease of 30.77 %
  • The fraction 450/650 equals: 0.69

Final Words: percentage calculator

So friends, today we have learned in this post that percentage calculator? The way to calculate the percentage and the formula to calculate the percentage is also known in simple language. In today’s world, if you want to live without problems, then you must come to find out the percentage.

If you do not know how to calculate percentage, then you will have to take help from others to do even small calculations.

You can take the help of internet or calculator to calculate the percentage, but according to me, this facility will not be available to you everywhere, so you must come to calculate the percentage. I hope you liked this post of ours, do not forget to share it with your friends

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