when india got independence? – History of India (1947–present), Date, & Facts

when india got independence? : Today in this post we will know that When did India become independent?. If anyone wants to know when India became independent, then definitely read this post of ours.

A lot of time has passed since India became independent, but many people do not know when and how India became independent.

If you love your country then you must know how difficult the history of India has been. We will definitely know in this post how much India has struggled to get independence.

So let’s know when India became independent, complete information.

when india got independence? OR When did India become independent?

when india got independence
when india got independence

Many revolutionaries were martyred for the freedom of India. Had they not sacrificed their lives, we would have been slaves of the British even today.

Slavery is the reason of poverty in our country, India was exploited for a long time, due to which development took a long time.

Once this country was called gold bird but after slavery almost everything changed. But still, without giving up, after independence, all Indians have achieved success in the world on the basis of their hard work.

We all should be proud that we have taken birth on the soil of India.

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When did India become independent?

when india got independence? – India became independent on 15 August 1947. Exactly 72 years ago today, our country became independent from the British rule. Britishers ruled India for about 200 years, not knowing how many people were martyred, then India got independence.

How did India become independent?

Many of you would also like to know this question that how India became a slave of the British and how India got independence. It started with the establishment of the East India Company in 1600.

The East India Company started this company with permission from the Mughal emperor Jahangir of India.

The company was formed for the spice trade. But with time it also started trading in cotton, silk, tea, indigo and opium. Later the company had accumulated its military and administrative rights over almost all the areas of India.

The East India Company started its tyranny on the Indians. India had almost lost its authority, the administration and the army had also come in the hands of the British. The British continued their atrocities and continued to exploit the people.

People in India were dying of poverty, on the other hand the British continued to collect rent from them. In view of this situation, revolutionaries were born and preparations for war started.

Seeing all this, the Queen of Britain withdrew the right to rule India from the East India Company. In 1858, the ‘Government of India Act 1858’ was passed. Now the British Crown had direct control over India, which is known as the British Raj.

After the end of the East India Company, development began to be seen in India. First of all, the Supreme Court was formed to establish the justice system.

After this it was decided to build 120 km long rail line from Howrah-Kolkata to Raniganj.

Apart from this, postal system and telegraphy were also started in India. Although the British had the advantage in this, but development was being seen in the country.

1939-1945 was the time of World War II, it lasted for almost 6 years. This war was started by dictator Hitler in which millions of people died. By the time this war ended in 1945, the economic condition of Britain had become very pathetic. At that time, they were not able to rule their own country, so it seemed very difficult to rule India.

At the same time British elections were held in 1945 and Labor Party won. Due to this victory, the barrier to freedom was reduced. Because the Labor Party had promised independence to other English colonies like India in its manifesto.

It was decided that India would be given independence in 1948. But at that time the partition between Jinnah and Nehru also remained an issue.

Due to Jinnah’s demand for a separate country, communal conflicts started in many areas of India. For this reason, Lord Mountbatten did not wait for 1948 and decided to give independence only in 1947.

In this way India and Pakistan were separated and both got independence together.

But many people ask if Pakistan got independence on 15th August, then why celebrate Independence Day in Pakistan on 14th August. In fact, Pakistan got the approval of a separate nation on 14 August.

On this day, the British Lord Mountbatten handed over power to Pakistan by giving it the status of an independent nation.

In the year 1948, the date of independence in Pakistan was changed to 14 August. According to many media reports, that day was the 27th day of Ramadan. Which is considered a special and holy day according to the Islamic calendar.

Final Words: when india got independence?

So friends today we have known when india got independence? – complete information. In this post it is also known how India became a slave of the British and how India became independent.

This information is also considered necessary for your exam. Of course, you must have read this post in five minutes, but if we had written all the incidents in detail and told the struggles of the revolutionaries, then perhaps it would have taken hours to read the post.

You can understand from this that how many sacrifices have been made for freedom in India.

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