lol full form in whatsapp – What is the full form of LOL?

lol full form in whatsapp, Facebook & instant chatting & social media. Hello friends! In today’s post, you will give information about LOL Meaning & LOL Full Form. Read this post further to know LOL means in internet & social media.

In today’s time, this word LOL has started being used a lot and at the moment people have started doing it a lot in their normal life too, so now you must also get complete information about this word.

lol full form : What does LOL mean? / LOL Meaning

This word is used a lot on social media websites these days because it is a small word and it comes very quickly in everyone’s understanding and now we are going to know about its LOL Full Form.

lol full form
lol full form

LOL means to have a great laugh, that is, when a person sees something that makes him laugh very fast after seeing it, then we call it LOL.

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lol full form :

LOL is an acronym stands for Laughing Out loud.

With the passage of time, there has been a lot of change in our living and speaking. Slowly we are adopting WESTERN CULTURE. For this reason, we have started using many words that are used in foreign in India and also in our common colloquial language.

Today we will know about some such English words which we use most often but do not know about their full form or their history.

lol full form

  • L – Laughing
  • O – Out
  • L – Loud

If you also use social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc., then you should also use the word LOL on all of them because in this your waste time is also not busy and writing is also very easy.

For sample example: Assume, Mainly 2 persons are chatting on internet.

First Person: Hello.
Second Person: Hi..
First Person: I just got slapped from the girl, I met yesterday.
Second Person: LOL (lol full form – Laughing Out Loud )

So the LOL Full Form will be Laughing Out Loud and it will have to have a lot of laughter.

It has been running in Europe or America for a long time, but nowadays its craze has increased a lot in India too, due to which whenever anyone listens to laughter or sees something funny, then immediately he uses Lol only. That is why today we have written this article so that all your doubts will be cleared and you will come to know in LOL Meaning.

What is LOL Meaning in WhatsApp & Chat? What is the meaning of LOL in WhatsApp and Chat?

Laugh(ing) Out Loud

Laugh out loud or lots of love means LOL. LOL is most commonly used in newsgroups, Chat & WhatsApp, text messaging, SMS, e-mail and other real-time text-based communication.

What is LOL / What is LOL Full Form?

lol full form : Nowadays you must have seen many times on social media that every other person uses the word LOL. Not only on social media, nowadays people also use the word LOL in front to talk face to face. LOL is not a word. Let us tell you that LOL is made up of the first character before three words.

LOL is full form – Laugh out Loud.

Let us tell you that in social media, usually the conversationalists use the word LOL, to laugh at something fast, that is, such a laugh that is so fast that it cannot be controlled, at that time we use the word LOL.

When there was no connection of internet service in our life even far and wide. At that time LOL used to mean something else. Let us tell you that at that time LOL used to mean as much as love. However, LOL does not mean showing love or laughing out loud at any joke. LOL has many other meanings.

All Full Forms of LOL – lol full form

Sr. No. Term Category LOL Full Forms
1 LOL Uncategorized Labor of Love
2 LOL Educational Lack of Lanthanum
3 LOL Slang Lack Of Laughter
4 LOL Love Lack Of Love
5 LOL Funny Lacking Of Life
6 LOL Uncategorized Ladies Only Lifting
7 LOL Funny Ladies Out Looking
8 LOL Toastmasters Laff Out Load Toastmasters Club
9 LOL Funny Lame Old Loser
10 LOL Companies or Organizations Land O Lakes
11 LOL Companies or Organizations Land Of Leather
12 LOL Athletics Land Of Legends
13 LOL Internet – Chat Land Of Lincoln
14 LOL Funny Land Of Love
15 LOL Nourishment Large Obese Lobster
16 LOL Funny Large Ordinary Lung
17 LOL Miscellaneous Lascivious Obstreperous Lingo
18 LOL Uncategorized Later On Love
19 LOL Internet – Chat Laugh Out Loud
20 LOL Internet – Chat Laughing On Line
21 LOL Internet – Chat Laughing Out Loud
22 LOL Performing Arts Laughing Over Lines
23 LOL Uncategorized Laught Out Loud
24 LOL Performing Arts Laughter Orchestrates Laughter
25 LOL Uncategorized Lauren on Location
26 LOL Essay Laws of Life
27 LOL Gaming Lawyers on Line
28 LOL Funny Lay Out Long
29 LOL Conveyance Layout Line
30 LOL Gaming League Of Leagends
31 LOL Accounting League of Legend
32 LOL Uncategorized League of Levity
33 LOL Tank League of Liberty
34 LOL Uncategorized League of Lightness
35 LOL Hobby League Of Llamas
36 LOL Slang League Of Losers
37 LOL Funny Learn Out Loud
38 LOL Communication Learn Over Lunch
39 LOL Medicine left occipitolateral
40 LOL Midwifery Left Occipito-Lateral
41 LOL Medical Left Occipitolateral Position
42 LOL Medical Left Other Leg
43 LOL Business Left Our Load
44 LOL Science Fiction Legion Of Lucifer
45 LOL Science Fiction Legion Of the Lost
46 LOL Governmental Legion On Legion
47 LOL Miscellaneous Legislating On Liquor
48 LOL Nourishment Lemon Or Lime
49 LOL Local Lessen Our Lust
50 LOL Media Center Let’s Oblterate Licentiousness
51 LOL Educational Level Of Learning
52 LOL Information Technology Level On Line
53 LOL Society Lewd Offensive Language
54 LOL Love Liar of Lies
55 LOL Sport Lick Our Lumps
56 LOL Bandung Lick Over Lips
57 LOL Funny Licking Old Lemons
58 LOL Governmental Lieutenant On Leave
59 LOL Animals Life Of a Leopard
60 LOL Normal Business Life Of Loan
61 LOL Funny Life Off Line
62 LOL Local Light Of Love
63 LOL Funny Light On Left
64 LOL Funny Lightning Over Love
65 LOL Funny Lil Ole Lady
66 LOL NASA – Space Limit Of Liability
67 LOL Engineering Limitation of Liability
68 LOL Oil Limitation of Owner’s Liability
69 LOL Internet – Chat Line Over Line
70 LOL Internet – Chat Lion On Line
71 LOL Funny Little of laughness
72 LOL Internet – Chat Little Old Ladies
73 LOL Society Little Old Lady
74 LOL Funny Little Outrageous Littles
75 LOL Gaming Live on Love
76 LOL Livid of Love Living on Lemons
77 LOL Funny Living On Line
78 LOL Living Living Our Lives
79 LOL Funny Loads Of Laughs
80 LOL Funny Loads Of Laundry
81 LOL Funny Loads Of Lemons
82 LOL Internet – Chat Loads Of Love
83 LOL Funny Local On Line
84 LOL Internet – Chat Locked On Love
85 LOL Internet – Chat Locker of Losers
86 LOL Funny Lollypops Over Laffytaffy
87 LOL Information Technology Look OnLine
88 LOL Juridical Look Out for Loonies
89 LOL Funny Look Over LuLu
90 LOL Internet – Chat Looking On Line
91 LOL Internet – Chat Looking Over Liam
92 LOL Funny Looks Of Laughter
93 LOL Local – Countries Loony Offensive Liberal
94 LOL Local Lord Of Life Church
95 LOL Gaming Lord Of Lizards
96 LOL Funny Lord Of Losers
97 LOL Media Center Lords Of Legend
98 LOL Funny Loser On Line
99 LOL Funny Loser On Liquor
100 LOL Pharmaceutical Loss Of Legs
101 LOL Army Loss Of Life
102 LOL Clock Loss of Lock
103 LOL Local Loss Of Love
104 LOL Love Lost Of Love
105 LOL Pharmaceutical Lots Of Labefactation
106 LOL Society Lots Of Laciviousness
107 LOL Gaming Lots Of Laughing
108 LOL Internet – Chat Lots Of Laughs
109 LOL Funny Lots Of Laughter
110 LOL Internet Lots Of Leafs
111 LOL Funny Lots Of Lemons
112 LOL Information Technology Lots Of Levels
113 LOL Police Force Lots Of Liquor
114 LOL Cultivation Lots Of Living
115 LOL Funny Lots Of Lizards
116 LOL Internet – Chat Lots Of Lollygagging
117 LOL Texting Lots Of Love
118 LOL Transportation Lots Of Lube
119 LOL Internet – Chat Lots Of Luck
120 LOL Slang Loud Outbursts League
121 LOL Funny Love Of Lardbutts
122 LOL Internet – Chat Love Of Laughing
123 LOL Internet – Chat Love Of Life
124 LOL Pharmaceutical Love Of Llamas
125 LOL Internet – Chat Love Of Lord
126 LOL Internet – Chat Love On Line
127 LOL Internet – Chat Love Outdated Laws
128 LOL Funny Loveliest On Line
129 LOL Internet – Twitter Lovely old Ladies
130 LOL Clubs Loyal Orange Lodge
131 LOL Local Lucifer Our Lord
132 LOL Police Force Lunatic On the Loose
133 LOL Information Technology Lurking On Line
134 LOL Local States The Land Of Lakes

What are the other full forms of LOL? (lol full form)

There is no one but many full forms of LOL. Which also mean different things. So let’s know all the full forms of lol and it is used as internet slang in Chats, Whatsapp, Facebook & instant chatting & social media in lol full form.

  1. Lacking of Life
  2. Land of Legends
  3. Land o’ Lakes
  4. Large obese Lobster
  5. Laugh out Loud
  6. League of Llamas
  7. Legion of Lucifer
  8. Legion of the Lost
  9. Lessen our Lust
  10. Level of Learning
  11. Little old Lady
  12. Loads of Laundry
  13. Looking on Line
  14. Loss of Life
  15. Lots of Liquor
  16. Lots of Love
  17. Lots of Luck

We should not use it everywhere because no one knows what it means. , Because people understand the opposite meaning of this word, which is not correct, so use it with a little thought.

conclusion – lol full form

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