pg full form – PG definition and meaning | What is PG ? What is the full form of PG?

PG Full Form – At some point of time, this question must have come in your mind, what is the full form of PG. All of you must have heard the name of PG. As well as you will also know a little bit about it. But do you know the full name of PG?

There are very few people who know about PG full form in Hindi. Actually it is a post graduation degree, which is done after graduation.

If you do not know the full name of PG, then you do not need to be disappointed because through this article we will tell you that we are going to share all the necessary information related to PG with you, so you can stay with us in this post till the end. Remained as it is. After this you will also be able to know what is PG? So let’s get started.

What is PG? & pg full form

pg full form
pg full form

There are many institutes and universities offering training degree in our country India. You can get a training degree after getting your graduation degree.

The duration of PG degree is 2 years. It is divided into 4 semesters. Which is divided into different parts on the basis of education. Under PG, people are given employment officers and training.

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What is full form of PG?

For the convenience of the people who do not know about the full form of PG, we are giving below the information of PG full form in Hindi and PG full form in English which is as follows-

PG full form in English

PG (Post Graduation)

PG full form

पीजी (स्नातककोर)

What is the full form of PG?
What is the full form of PG?

Required qualification for doing PG. Eligibility

There are many such institutions and universities in India that offer post graduation ie PG degree. But to do this, you must first complete your graduation. If you do not complete your graduation in India, then you will not be able to do post graduation.

Type of PG

Post Graduation Degree is mainly divided into 4 parts. Like – Taught courses, Research degree, Conversion course, Professional qualification which are taught in all universities. We are going to provide you the details below about all these categories.

Taught courses

There are two types of this degree and diploma, in this category you are given information about only one subject. And also you are taught about Project’s, placement, research projects, and distractions etc.

Research degree

The people studying in this category are known as Doctorates. Such as PHDs, DPhils, Integrated PHDs and Professional Doctorates etc.

Conversion course

This is also known as crash course. Under this, you are prepared to become sharp in any one subject about which you have already studied, it requires very deep study. Conversion courses prepare any candidate for business. In this, you are made perfect about the subject in which you are already interested.

Professional qualification

Under this course, the candidate is taught about any industry, and how to improve his skills and make him better for the betterment of his career.

PG Ka Full Form

  • PG: Post Graduate
  • PG: Parental Guidance
  • PG: Progressing Graph
  • PG: Private Group
  • PG: Pasting Gum
  • PG: Public Group
  • PG: Porno Graphy
  • PG: Pretty Good
  • PG: Photo Gallery
  • PG: Portrait Gallery
  • PG: Prostate Gland
  • PG: Personal Guard
  • PG: Pituitary Gland
  • PG: Peak Gain
  • PG: Public Groping
  • PG: Product Guarantee
  • PG: Page Gap, etc….

Full Form Of PG Hospital

Presidency General Hospital

PG Full Form In Education

Post Graduate

PG related FAQ – pg full form

There are many such questions related to PG which often come to the mind of the people, so we are going to tell you the information about post graduation i.e. some questions related to PG below, such as-

What is PG?
PG is a post graduation degree.

When can I do PG?
You can do PG only after graduation.

Into how many parts is PG divided?
PG is divided into 4 parts – Taught courses, Research degree, Conversion course, Professional qualification

What is PG called in Hindi?
It is called “स्नोतकोत्तर” in Hindi language.

How old is PG?
It is a 2-year diploma and degree course.

Full Form Of PG

Short Name Full Form Category
PG Physical Geography General
PG Postgraduate Educational Degree
PG Paying Guest General
PG Papua New Guinea Country Names
PG Plant Genetics Educational Degree
PG Processing Group Networking
PG Ibm Linkway Page Cut/paste File File Type
PG Permanent Group File Type
PG Pesa Guide Softwares
PG Pergaon Indian Railway Station
PG Propylene Glycol Chemistry
PG Pass Gap Electronics
PG Programmable Gain Electronics
PG Polarization Gate Electronics
PG Proportional Gain Electronics
PG Pretty Good Messaging
PG Please Go Messaging
PG Profanity Guaranteed Messaging
PG Pretty Gross Messaging
PG Procter & Gamble, Soap Chip, Soap, Powdered / Liquid Detergent Manufacturer Located In Cincinnati, Ohio. Marketed World Wide for Over A Century. Messaging
PG Power Generation Space Science
PG Pressure Gage Space Science
PG Package Measurement Unit
PG Picogram Measurement Unit
PG Piano God Job Title
PG Professional Geologist Job Title
PG Persian Gulf Country Specific
PG Prince George Country Specific
PG Puerto Galera, The Philippines Earth Science
PG Point Guard Sports
PG Platinum Gamers Sports
PG Pre Game Sports
PG Proficiency Gold Sports
PG Player’s Guide Sports
PG Pounding Guard Sports
PG Packing Group Military and Defence
PG Panzerrohr Gewinde Military and Defence
PG Prisonnier De Guerre (prisoner of War) Military and Defence
PG Performance Grade Military and Defence
PG Pistol Grips (us Marines) Military and Defence
PG Pursuit Group Military and Defence

conclusion – pg full form

After doing post graduation i.e. PG, you can easily get a job in many sectors of both government and private sector, hope you will like all the information given in this article, if you have any suggestion for us or from PG. If you have any question related pg full form, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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