ARMY Full Form And Meaning – What is the Full Form of ARMY?

ARMY Full Form :- All the countries in the world have their own army which protect the country. Out of these, our country is also the army of India, from which we know by the name of ARMY, whenever the name of ARMY comes, then enthusiasm and enthusiasm increases in the mind. Many youths of our country want to work hard and go to ARMY.

There will be hardly any person who has not heard the name of Army. You must have also heard the name of ARMY, but do you know the meaning of the word ARMY? There are very few people who know about ARMY Full Form.

If you are also an Indian then you must know the full name of ARMY. If you want to know the Meaning of ARMY, then you have to read this article carefully till the last.

ARMY full form & What is ARMY?

ARMY- Alert Regular Mobility Young

Army is a part of every country which works to protect the borders of the country. And keep an eye on every move on the borders of the country. When the situation inside the country is bad, only the army is sent. China is the only country in the whole world which has the largest army.

And after China, India is the country with the largest army in the world, in which there are about 1129000 active soldiers and 960000 reserve soldiers. Those who provide security to the countrymen of the whole of India.

We can say that the life of Sukan we are passing today is due to the army itself. Now you understand what is army? So let’s know the meaning of army.

What Is The Full Form Of “ARMY”? – ARMY Full Form

army full form – Alert Regular Mobility Young

army full form is

  • A – Alert
  • R – Regular
  • M – Mobility
  • Y – Young

What are the qualifications required to join the army?

There are many such youth among us who want to serve their country by joining the army, for which they have to fulfill some essential qualifications or it is mandatory for them to have the following essential qualifications like-

  • A candidate’s age should be between 17.5 years to 21 years to join the Army.
  • To join the army, it is mandatory for men to be 152cm tall and for women to be 150cm.
  • Those who want to join the army to serve their country, they should have at least 10th pass with about 45% marks.
  • If you want to work in a big post in the army, then you must have any bachelor’s degree.

What is the salary of an army soldier?

Usually, an army soldier gets a salary ranging from Rs 25000 to Rs 40000, as you will keep getting higher post, your salary will increase.

History of ARMY

There must be a question in your mind that from where did the word army come from which language. This question is not common but it is asked a lot in government competition also. The origin of the word army is derived from the Latin word ARMATA.

Which means Armed Force. If there is such an army, then it works to protect its country. This army fights on land and air. For your information, let us tell you that India is the only country that first organized the army. India is the second country in the world which has the largest army.

FAQ – army full form

What is Army?
Army is an important part of a country which provides security to the country from internal and external threats.

Which country has the largest army force?
In today’s time China is the only country which has the largest army force and India comes second in terms of military power.

How many army does India have?
Our country has 1129000 active soldiers and 960000 reserve soldiers. Those who provide security day and night to our country.

What is the full name of Army?
The full name of the Army is Alert Regular Mobility Young, which is also called Armed Force.

How many years is the army job?
An army soldier is appointed to other posts only after doing 19 years of office, on which the tongue has to work for about 20 years. That is, we can say that as a soldier, you will have to work for 40 years.

How many soldiers are in an army battalion?
There are about 300 to 800 soldiers in a battalion of the Indian Army.

How many regiments are there in Indian Army?
There are 13 regiments in the Indian Army.

What are the types of army?
There are mainly three types of army – Indian Navy, Army and Air Force.

Indian Army Related Full Forms – army full form

Short Name Full Form
ADC Army Dental Corps
AMC Army Medical Corps
ASC Army Service Corps
AOC Army Ordinance Corps
EME Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
INSAS Indian Small Arms System
NCC National Cadet Corps
SLR Self Loading Rifle
BPET Battle Physical Efficiency Test
PPT Physical Proficiency Test
CV Concession Voucher
DR Dispatcher
CHM Company Havildar Major
BHM Battalion Havildar Major
RHM Regiment Havildar Major
JCO Junior Commission Officer
NCO Non Commission Officer
OR Other Rank
MNS Military Nursing Service
SKT Store Keeper Technical
NA Nursing Assistant
OPR Operator
GD General Duty
CO Commanding Officer
2IC Second In Command
MO Medical Officer
RMO Regiment Medical Officer
DMO Duty Medical Officer
SEMO Senior Executive Medical Officer
GOC General Officer Commanding
COAS Chief Of Army Staff
PVC Param Vir Chakra
VC Vir Chakra
AC Ashok Chakra
PVSM Param Vishisth Seva Medal
VSM Vishisth Seva Medal
SM Sena Medal
UYSM Uttam Yudh Seva Medal
SM Subedar Major
NSG National Security Guard
AAD Army Air Defence
AL Annual Leave
CL Casual Leave
SL Sick Leave
CBRN Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear
PT Physical Training
DG Director General
WT Weapon Training
DIV Division
RP Regimental Police
CMP Corps Of Military Police
AME Annual Medical Exam
PME Periodic Medical Exam
RMB Release Medical Board
IMB Invalid Medical Board
RT Religious Teacher
ARC Annual Range Classification
SHAPE Psychiatry Hearing Appendages Physical Eye
QM Quarter Master
CILQ Compensation In Lieu Of Quarter
HRA House Rent Allowance
TPAL Transportation Allowance
CEA Children Education Allowance
HAA High Altitude Allowance
FAA Family Accomodation Allowance
AFPP Armed Forces Personal Provident Fund
PLI Postal Life Insurance
MSP Military Service Pay
ZRO Zonal Recruitment Office

conclusion – army full form

Today, through this army full form article, we have told you the full name of the Army of India. How did you like our article ARMY Full Form, do tell in the comment box, as well as share it with your friends so that they too can get information about the Army.

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