What is a plotter? – Top 3 Most Popular Types of Plotters | Advantages & Disadvantages of Plotter

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What is Plotter?

A plotter is a computer hardware device similar to a printer that is used to print vector graphics. Instead of toner, plotters use a pen, pencil, marker, or another writing device to draw continuous lines on the paper instead of a series of dots like a traditional printer. A plotter can print larger graphics than a printer.

The plotter was invented in 1953 by Remington-Rand. It was used in conjunction with the UNIVAC computer to produce technical drawings.

Plotter is an output device that can be used to print drawings, charts, graphs, etc. It can also do 3D printing, through which banners, posters, etc. can be printed.

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“Plotter is such an output device that charts, graphs, drawings, diagrams (Map) Prints etc. on hard copy.

Advantages of plotters

  • Plotters can print data on very large sheets of paper.
  • The plotter can print on flat materials including plywood, aluminum, sheet steel, cardboard, and plastic.
  • A similar pattern can be created thousands of times with the plotter without any image flaws.

Disadvantages of Plotter

  • Plotters are much larger than traditional printers.
  • Plotters are much more expensive than traditional printers.

Applications of Plotter

  • Agencies
  • Architectural Blueprints
  • Architectural Designs
  • Banners and Billboards
  • Building Design and Architects
  • Building plans
  • Charts
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Construction Designing
  • Diagrams
  • Draw charts
  • Electric circuit layouts
  • Fashion Industry | Garment Industry
  • Geographical layouts
  • Line Art
  • Printing Press
  • Textile Printing

Types of Plotter – Different Types of Plotter

  1. Drum pen plotter
  2. Flat bed plotter
  3. Ink Jet Plotters

Drum Pen Plotter


This is a plotter in which a pen is used to make a shape, a picture or shape is created on the paper with a pen, in this device the paper is mounted on a drum which slowly moves and the pen prints. It is known that it works like a mechanical artist.

Fiber Tipped pen is used in many Drum Pen Plotter. If high quality is required then Technical Drafting Pen is used. Many Color Plotters have four or more than four pens. The plotter prints a figure in inches per second.

Flat bed plotter


In a flat bed plotter, the paper is placed in a bed or tray in a stationary state, in which a pen is placed on one arm, which rotates the paper up-down (Y-axis) and right-left (X-axis) by a motor. Or creates a shape, in which the pen is controlled from the computer.

  1. Cutting Plotter
  2. Drum Plotter
  3. Flatbed Plotter
  4. Inkjet Plotter
  5. Pen Plotter
  6. Thermal Plotter
  • Plotter is such an output device that works to print charts, graphs, pictures, diagrams etc. on hard copy.
  • Drum pen plotter and flat bed plotter are both types of plotters.
  • Along with 3D printing from the plotter, banner posters etc. can be printed in it.
  • Drum pen plotter is a plotter in which a pen is used to make shapes.
  • In a flat bed plotter, the paper is placed in a stationary position on a bed or tray.
  • Flat Bed Plotter In this, a pen is mounted on one arm, in which that pen is controlled from the computer.

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