how to get periods immediately to avoid pregnancy?

how to get periods immediately to avoid pregnancy? – Pregnancy is a very beautiful moment that fills everyone’s life with happiness. After marriage everyone aspires to be a parent but for many reasons they do not want to have a child for some time.

Sometimes they feel that maybe they are not ready for this responsibility right now. Sometimes a woman is not mentally or physically ready so many times they make a decision due to being too focused on their career. Well, every human being can have their own reasons for not getting pregnant or avoiding it.

how to get periods immediately to avoid pregnancy?

That is why they try their best to avoid pregnancy while enjoying sex. Many times, even after making every effort, the baby stays in the womb of some women, which they use contraceptives to get rid of.

With the use of these drugs, she gets rid of unwanted pregnancy, but at the same time, those drugs also have some side effects. This is probably why doctors are reluctant to prescribe contraceptives.

But let us tell you that there are many home remedies to avoid unwanted pregnancy with the help of which you can prevent yourself from getting pregnant while enjoying sex.

According to the gynecologist, it is not advisable to rely on home remedies in case of periods, pregnancy or abortion, as they have low reliability and high risk of side effects.

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If you want to avoid getting pregnant, you should consult a specialist doctor instead of using home remedies.

Today we are going to talk in detail about these things in this excellent blog of itsolutionstuck Care. After reading this in full, you will fully understand how you can save yourself from getting pregnant by using some home remedies while enjoying sex to the fullest.

Home Remedies For Unwanted Pregnancy Can. In this process you do not need to go to any hospital, clinic or doctor. Instead, you can get rid of pregnancy at home by using the following home remedies. So let us know about these home remedies.


The use of turnip is considered to be quite effective in avoiding pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. It contains properties that protect you from pregnancy for the next one week after having sex.

If you want to avoid pregnancy while enjoying sexual pleasure, then you must consume turnip. The best way to consume it is to grind the turnip after drying it and prepare its powder.

Then mix that powder in water and consume it for next one week after having sex. It acts as a contraceptive very effectively.

Neem oil

Pregnancy can be prevented very easily with the help of neem. Home Remedies For Unwanted Pregnancy It has been used as a contraceptive for years.

It is an antiseptic which does not pose any danger. You can use neem oil as a vaginal gel or cream. It is effective for the next five hours after using it.

Men can consume capsules made of neem oil as it also helps in preventing pregnancy.


After having sex, if you feel that your sex was unsafe and it could make you pregnant, you can consume papaya twice a day for next two to three days to avoid this unwanted pregnancy. It contains those qualities which create obstacles in pregnancy.

At the same time consumption of papaya reduces the number of sperm and as soon as you stop consuming it, the number of sperm becomes normal again. So men can also consume it.


Amla has many properties and that is why it is used to prevent many ailments and diseases. It also contains elements that can be used to prevent pregnancy.

Home Remedies For Unwanted Pregnancy. Then take it from the 4th day of the period to the 16th day. It works like a contraceptive pill and helps to get rid of pregnancy.


Ginger has properties that affect periods and are helpful in preventing unwanted pregnancies. It is also one of the most effective home remedies for pregnancy.

With the use of which you can fully enjoy sex and you will not have any fear of pregnancy.

To use it effectively, grind ginger in water and then heat it. After heating well, filter the ginger with water and take it out and then take water twice a day. Doing so almost eliminates the possibility of pregnancy.


Turmeric contains curcumin which helps you to prevent pregnancy. Using turmeric stops the motility of sperm which almost eliminates the possibility of pregnancy. Turmeric is a very old recipe to prevent pregnancy. You must consult a doctor once before using it.


There are many properties found in figs which are beneficial for you in one form or another. It is believed that it also contains properties that are effective in preventing pregnancy.

Home Remedies For Unwanted Pregnancy If you have unprotected intercourse, you can avoid unwanted pregnancy with the help of dried figs. To take advantage of its properties, you should eat two to three figs daily.

It will help you to prevent pregnancy but also keep in mind that taking too much of it can be harmful for you. So take it in a balanced amount and it is best if you see a doctor once before taking it.


Peppermint is also one of the many home remedies to prevent pregnancy. Prepare its powder by grinding the dried leaves of mint and then after five or ten minutes of having sex, mix one teaspoon of powder in lukewarm water and take it. By doing this you can get rid of your pregnancy. It is best if you take it after talking to your doctor.


Asafoetida is known as an ayurvedic herb which is used to cure thousands of ailments. There are innumerable qualities found in it and that is why its demand is very high today.

Asafoetida contains elements which work to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, it is also used as a contraceptive. If you want to avoid pregnancy while enjoying sex, you can mix asafoetida in lukewarm water and consume it.


With the help of castor seeds, pregnancy can be prevented quite easily. If you take this seed 72 hours before having sex, it can completely prevent the possibility of pregnancy. By consuming this seed for three days of periods, its effect lasts for about a month.

Jr. Berry

Junior Berry is also used to avoid unwanted pregnancies. You can consume it for three to four days after having unprotected sex as doing so increases the chances of miscarriage and almost eliminates the possibility of pregnancy. This is one of the most effective home remedies for pregnancy.


If you are thinking about avoiding your unwanted pregnancy then parsley is an effective option which works like a contraceptive in preventing pregnancy. After having sex, after boiling parsley in water, it can be consumed continuously for a few days. Doing so minimizes your risk of getting pregnant after having unprotected sex.


Kattu has properties that help prevent unwanted pregnancies. It works very effectively in preventing pregnancy after having unprotected sex.

If you want to enjoy sex but are not ready for pregnancy then you can consume 300 to 400 grams of Kattu in a day. This will set you free from the fear of unwanted pregnancy.

Avoiding pregnancy is not a big deal but you just need to be a little bit careful. Home Remedies For Unwanted Pregnancy There are hundreds of ways to prevent or avoid pregnancy, but still safe sex and using a condom is the best way.

Because it also helps you to avoid many other dangerous diseases. There are also a number of side effects of birth control pills or other drugs and injections to avoid pregnancy that can cause you problems.

If you are going to use any of the above mentioned home remedies to avoid unwanted pregnancy, you should first talk to a gynecologist about it. Eating anything you want may be harmful to you.

It is important to consult a doctor to avoid pregnancy

Apart from home remedies, there are many reliable ways to avoid pregnancy that can help you prevent yourself from getting pregnant while enjoying sex.

A man should be as careful as a woman should be to avoid pregnancy. Preventing pregnancy is not a big challenge. Condoms are the safest, most successful and most convenient way to avoid pregnancy. With its help you can fully enjoy sex while avoiding pregnancy. The use of condoms helps in keeping away sexually transmitted diseases along with pregnancy. It is available in the market for both men and women.

After sterilization, the possibility of pregnancy is gone forever. It is one hundred percent effective. Vasectomy is a surgical procedure during which the sperm tube of a man is blocked due to which sperm cannot reach the penis with semen during sex and pregnancy does not take place.

Female sterilization is just like sterilization. But with the help of female sterilization, pregnancy can be prevented for some time. When this process is completed, the fallopian tube is blocked which prevents the egg from reaching the sperm and eliminates the possibility of pregnancy.

Contraceptives are also a great way to prevent pregnancy. There are many such medicines available in the market. Women can easily prevent unwanted pregnancy by consuming it. If you already have any kind of problem then before taking any contraceptive pill, be sure to see a gynecologist once and seek their advice.

The contraceptive implant is like a matchstick, like a thin and small rod that the doctor puts in your hand. It produces hormones in your body that keep you from getting pregnant for about four years. If you feel like getting pregnant after four years, you can take it out of your hand anytime with the help of a doctor.

The vaginal ring is used as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. This ring is made of plastic and is very soft which is inserted in the vagina. Contraceptive shots are also a great way to prevent pregnancy. It contains progestin hormones which work to prevent ovulation.

This greatly reduces the chances of getting pregnant. You can use this shot if you want to have safe sex. In addition, you can use an intrauterine device. This device is inserted inside the uterus which helps in preventing pregnancy.

You must consult a gynecologist before using any of these. They suggest the most accurate way to avoid pregnancy after looking at your physical condition and doing some tests.

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