3 Ways to Customize the Windows 10 Start menu Settings

Windows 10 Start menu Settings 2023 : It is important to know about Windows 10 Start Menu and Taskbar, you all must know that Windows Xp, Windows7 is a little different in Windows 10

I welcome you all to The itsolutionstuck. I am going to tell you about the Windows 10 Start menu Settings.

  1. Used after clicking on the Start Menu-Taskbar
  2. Start Menu to Shut Down Windows 10 OS
  3. You can open the software from the search option
  4. Windows 10 Settings
  5. Windows 10 updates can all work from the Start Menu
  6. Right-clicking on Start opens many options.

how to close start menu recent app?

In the Windows operating system, it starts from the Start Menu, whatever the operating system, you click in Windows 10, you must have opened it earlier, you will get to see that Aap.

You installed and opened the app inside Windows 10, you should not come to the Start Menu, we will get you setup.

To go to Settings, Start Menu click setting, you can search in search and right click in Start Menu and open it and setting will be found on Start Menu, Windows setting will open.
One click on Personalization will open the setting.

change windows 10 start menu to classic

After opening Personalization, there will be many options, you have to click on the Start option.

start menu windows

Windows 10’s Start Menu Recent App Ko Band option has come, after clicking on Start, Show Recently Addes App option will be On, it has to be turned off, this will stop viewing Recent App

windows 10 start menu download

Image before closing Start Menu RECENT App in Windows 10

windows start menu

Image after closing the Start Menu RECENT App in Windows 10

windows 10 default start menu layout

Closed the RECENT App in the Start Menu of Windows 10, along with it you can also close the regularly used app.

Turn off Settings- Personalization-Start-Show Most Used App.

windows 10 start menu install app show/hide/

How do I hide apps on Windows 10 Start menu?

When you start the computer, then you click on the Start Menu, then the Install App will be shown, the App appears, you can hide the App, it is going to talk to you.

To hide the app, you have to open the Start Menu

  1. Press Windows in the keyboard.
  2. One click on the Windows Symbol with the mouse

Now Start Menu is open, go to Settings Settings- Personalization Click on Start Menu as mentioned with the first image

parts of start menu windows

Start Menu will be open Show App List In Start Menu On will be turned off this will hide Install App.

There is any problem about Windows 10 Start menu Settings, you can tell me by commenting

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