What is Foxy app, Movie or Shopping [Download apk] – Review 2024

Are you also fond of watching movies and TV shows, then you would also know about the foxy app. If not then you will know today, see friend, if we talk about foxy app then it is of two types. First video streaming from which you can watch and download movies and tv shows and second beauty & makeup related product shopping app.

The name of both these apps is the same, but completely different from each other. That’s why we liked to write this article on foxy app to clear your confusion, I hope you will like it too. Friend, you want to download foxy app apk to watch movies and tv shows or want to buy beauty related products, both will be found in this article. So come let us review foxy and learn to use it.

Foxy app For Movie Download and Watch

If we talk about foxy app, then like we told you that it is a movie and tv show or say video streaming Android app, which you will get to see on Play Store as well. There are many movies in this app, which you can download and entertain yourself by watching the serial of your choice.

When you download the foxy app, you will see that many movies and TV shows, such as biography, comedy, adventure, drama family, etc., will be available to watch related movies and serials from different categories. Apart from this, you will also be able to watch live TV in its apk, which is a very good thing.

My review on Foxy app

If I tell the truth, when I downloaded the foxy app to watch movies and started using it after installing it on my phone, I came to know that this video streaming app completely stores youtube videos. It means to say that all the movies and serials in it have been made by attaching all the links of youtube. Giving the right review friend which you will not find anywhere else. Yes there are some benefits of using foxy movie app but the videos which are in it are either taken from youtube or they do not play at all.

One advantage of using foxy app is that you will get to watch many movies in one place. But ad, which we also call propaganda, is seen a lot. What you will get to see after downloading it, you can read below –

  • Movies
  • Live tv
  • TV Show
  • Serial

These are some of the features of this app, the rest is not much. If we talk about using foxy, then anyone can use it by installing it on their phone. There is nothing much to tell, just the poster of the film will appear on the home screen, if you click on it, the video will play.

foxy movie and video streaming apk download

Friend, I have given my review. It is in your hands to download or not, if you like this app, you want to use foxey once, then for this you can download it from play store or I have given the link below from there too.


Foxy Beauty & Makeup Product Shopping apk

This is a very popular and genuine app and website, where we can buy products related to beauty and makeup. foxy beauty and shopping app has a variety of products for men and women, which anyone can buy like amazon and filipkart and get it delivered at their home.

foxi app

In this, we get to see skin, body, hair, face, nails, saving, breads, baby, kids and bath essential products, which you can order and order. Apart from this, many types of offers also keep coming in foxy beauty app, which helps us somewhere, there are some such offers which also give us discounts.

This app is available for both Android and IOS operating systems. If you want to use in pc or laptop then you can go to foxy.in website. You can also download it from the link given by us –

download for android >>>>>> download for IOS


Finally you know what is foxy app, as well as we have given a complete review about it so that you are not confused whether foxy is movie video streaming app or beauty and makeup product shopping. We have given the download link of both so that you can install and use this apk in your phone.

So friend, I hope you have liked this review of ours. If you do not agree with the review given by us or have any doubt related to foxy app, then please tell us in the comments so that we can help ourselves and you.

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