How to Viral My First Vlog Video On YouTube 2024?

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How to Viral My First Vlog Video – Friends, ever since Saurabh Joshi blog has become famous on YouTube, since then everyone is starting their Vlog YouTube Channel and many people are also becoming successful. That’s why friends, nowadays videos from My First Vlog are becoming very viral. Nowadays many people are earning lakhs of crores of rupees from YouTube, so friends, if you also want to earn money by making your own YouTube channel or you also want to earn money by making a Vlog channel of your own and you also want to know that How to Viral My First Vlog Video If you do read this article till the last, you will get to learn a lot from this article.

How to Viral My First Vlog Video On YouTube?

Friends, to make My First Vlog Viral, you must first understand YouTube’s algorithm and upload your video with some techniques and tips, we are going to tell you all these things in today’s article.

YouTube’s algorithm basically works on three concepts, first is CTR, second is Watch Time and third is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of Video.

1) CTR – Click Thorught Rate means how many people click on your video after watching Thumbnail people of your video. When you upload your video to YouTube, then YouTube sends impressions to your video, meaning it shows in front of people, if people click on your video after the logo appears, then YouTube promotes your video more. Shows the logo. Even in My First Vlog, the people who have used an Attractive Thumbnail, their My First Vlog has gone viral very fast.

2) Watch Time – Now if someone has clicked on your video and for how long has he watched your video. If people watch your video completely after clicking, then YouTube gets a signal that your video has power or interest. If the Ctr Or Watch on your video remains according to the algorithm, then the video will be absolutely viral. Whatever video has gone viral on YouTube from My First Vlog, most of the people’s videos were shorts videos, meaning videos of less than 1 minute, people watch the shorts videos completely after clicking once.

For this, first of all you have to make your video thumbnail a good attractive one, so that whenever YouTube takes your video to the people, people definitely click on your video. Second, you have to increase the watch time of your video, for this you have to make your video interesting, entertaining or informative.

If you think that your video is boring then keep the length of your video short. If your video is interesting and information, then you can keep the video call long now.

3) SEO of YouTube video

Along with this, friends, you will also have to work on the SEO of your video. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, we create content according to search engines.

In SEO comes the title, tag, description and basic setting of Youtube Channel of your video. To Viral My Frist Vlog Video, you have to write the title and tag and description of your video well. By doing Seo, YouTube shows your video to the people, which makes your video viral. By doing SEO, YouTube gets to know about your video, what your video is related to. Write My First Vlog in the title of your video and add #Myfirstvlog along with it. You can copy from here too.

keep shorts video

Friends, when we talked about how My First Vlog is going viral on this topic, we also noticed that those who are making short videos, that is, videos of one minute or less, their videos are becoming more viral. You also keep your first video short.

What did you say in My First Vlog?

Friends, now these questions are of many people, after all, what is the topic kept in My First Vlog or what to say, then friends, you should tell about yourself in your first Vlog, like your name, what you do and why you are making videos on YouTube. Friends, you have to tell people a real reason why you have come on YouTube so that people can support you. You have to tell why people should watch your video, you should have good content.

Video script to make My First Vlog viral

Friends, if you do not understand anything, what should you say in your first vlog, then you can speak this my first vlog script made by us –

First of all, show some suspense video clips like there may be a beautiful location or an emotional scene.

After that you shoot your video from front camera and say this – Hello friends welcome to my first Vlog video, friends my name is Govind (you say yours), I belong from a small village in Uttar Pradesh, I am still in school I study and also do farming work with family members, you can see behind me this is my small village and this is our house, on this channel of mine you will get to see my daily life Vlogs.

If there is love and support, then I can help my family members by earning a little money from YouTube, so if you like the video, then subscribe to the channel and also write and share the video. I will see you soon in the next video.

Keep the quality of your First Vlog Video good

Friends, try to make your video as good as possible, do good editing, add background music, keep good location. Background music for My First Vlog which is trending the most these days, you can download by copying the link from here and use it in your My First Vlog.

My First Vlog Viral Description

After this comes the time, you have to keep the description Same To Same like those whose Already My First Vlog video has gone viral. For this, you can copy the description and paste it in your video by clicking on the link given below. Click here – Copy My First Vlog Viral Description from here

My First Vlog 2023 Tags

Friends, in the last tag also you put all the tags related to My First Vlog like #Myfirstvlog #My_first_vlog #My_first_vlog_on_youtube #Myfirstvideo-On-Youtube #My_first_video. You will find both My First Vlog Viral Description and Tags on the link given above, from there you copy and paste it in your video.

conclusion – my first vlog

Friends, it is very easy to make My First Vlog video viral on YouTube, you just have to understand and observe some things, you have to see what those people are doing, their video is getting viral, you should also try your video too. Will go viral.

If you follow all the tips given above, then there are 90% chances that your video will go viral, friends must write your questions and suggestions related to this article in the comment box below.

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