How to search your school UDISE Code In 2024 –

Know how to check udise code of any school online : If you do not know How to check school udise code online. So read this post completely. This article can be helpful for you.

There are many such teachers. who live in the village. They don’t know. How to know the school udise code? This is how all the teachers have become stars. But I am writing articles for those people. Those who do not know And they are away from the internet.

Some such comments have come on the post of itsolutionstuck. In which what is the way to know the udise code. want to know Riya Kumari and Rahul Sir do not know. How to check it on internet. But the way to check is easy.

How to get your school UDISE number?

FIND UDISE Code of Government Schools, Private Schools, Local Bodies Schools, CBSE Schools, ICSE Schools .

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Step 1

  • To check school udise code online, go to or search udise code status in google.
  • Click on the first option Find your school udise code.

step 2

The state in which you live in India. He has to be selected.

  • 1. Select state: – Select the name of the state.
  • 2. Click on Go :-

step 3

Select the district within your state.

  • 1. Select District :- Select the name of the district.
  • 2. Click on Go :-

step 4

On this page, the udise code of all the schools from block to village has been given. You have the udise code in the box with the name of your school.

In this way the school udise code is checked. If you like this post, then share it on social media. Thank you

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