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instagram story downloader in 2023 : How to download Instagram Story? – In today’s time, the trend of Instagram Story is going on very loudly. Nowadays a lot of people want to download Instagram Story. Instagram gives the option to save the story, but the video is saved in it but the music does not come. That’s why today I will tell you how to download Instagram Story with Music.

Instagram Story downloader With Music

It is very important to have a public account to download Instagram Story because you cannot download Instagram Story from a private account, so it is necessary to have a public account. instagram story downloader.

Step 1 – User Name Copy –

First of all you open your Instagram account. After that copy the user name of anyone whose story you want to download.

Step – 2 – Open Instagram Story Save Website –

After copying the User Name, open the website given below. ,


instagram story downloader

Now on going down you will get the box of Enter Instagram Account Username, in that you have to paste that Username. After that you have to click on the Download button below, after that you have to click on the option of I’m not a robot at the bottom.

Step – 3 – I’m not a robot –

  • Click on the I’m not a robot button.
  • Now you will see the whole story of this account below.

Step – 4

Now after going down a bit, you have to click on Show #Highlights button below #Highlight stories (Archive). Then you will see all the videos of that user. After that whatever video you want to download.

Step – 5 Click on Show Highlights –

Below that you have to click on the button of Show Highlights and then the option of Save as Video will come in front of you and from there you can download that video.

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Conclusion  – instagram story downloader

I hope you have come to know how to download Instagram story(instagram story downloader). We have told you in very easy language, if you have liked this article, then definitely share this article with your friends and stay connected with our site for such informative information. Thank you !

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