Google Input Tools Hindi Download For Windows – 2024 Updated

Friends, if you are learning typing or want to install offline Google input tools Hindi in Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10, then today we are providing you the download link of Google Hindi input tools below. You can easily do Hindi typing by installing this tool in your computer.

Let us tell you that this Hindi input tool of Google has now gone online, whose extension you can install in your Chrome browser and then wherever you want, you will be able to type in Hindi online.

But sometimes we do not have internet or for some reason you want to download Google Hindi keyboard on your computer offline, then read this post. We will tell you how you will download this Google Input Tools Hindi in 2023 in Windows and install it on your PC.

Google Input Tools Hindi Download 2023

Before downloading this tool, let us tell you that Google’s input tools is the best Hindi typing keyboard, which is used by crores of people because it is very easy in typing, you can easily type in Hinglish to Hindi.

You can use ‘Google Input tools Hindi’ in MS Office Word, Notepad etc. You can toggle from Hindi to English with just one setting. Download the tool on your computer or laptop by clicking on the download button given below.

Two download links are being given below, if it is not downloading from the Google Drive link, then download it by clicking on the MediaFire link.



How to install Google Hindi Input Tools?

  1. After downloading the Indic keyboard, double click on the installer to install it or right click and open it.
  2. Installer will open now click on Run
  3. After this permission will be asked, click on Yes to allow
  4. Once installed click on Finish
  5. Google Input Tools Setup Wizard Completed
  6. Will ask for permission again, yes
  7. After installation, then click on Finish

You will see these tools in the Taskbar of PC on the right hand side. EN will be written at the bottom, select Hindi (India) by clicking on it and start typing.

In this way your offline version of ‘Google Input Tools Hindi’ will be downloaded and installed in Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10, after that you can type in Hindi.

How to install in Windows 10?

Hindi Input Tools can be installed in Windows 10 by the same method as above. Many people get square box error or font problem during typing.

If this happens to you too, download and install the zip file of all Hindi Unicode fonts from below, after that the square box error will not appear.


After downloading the Zip file, enter the password given below to extract it.

Password =

After extracting the Zip file, open the folder of All Unicode Font and select all Hindi fonts and then right click and click on install.

Now you will not get square box error (problem) while typing from Google Input Tools in Windows 10.

Benefits of Hindi Input Tools

  1. This tool is completely offline, there is no need of internet to write it.
  2. With the help of Google Input, you can type in English to Hindi (Hinglish to Hindi).
  3. Hindi and English words are suggested to you while typing
  4. You can use the Character Picker by pressing ( Ctrl + K )
  5. You can write in Mangal font with the help of Google Input
  6. You can change the language immediately by pressing the Ctrl+G keys simultaneously.
  7. You can also write by changing the font by going to the setting.
  8. You can also change the font to write in English
  9. In this input tools, you can manage Macros like you can add any letter and set its target. Now when you press that letter (letter or character) in the keyboard, it will show your target word or letter in the suggestion.

For example – google input tools hindi

Suppose you have kept ‘D’ in Macro Text and ‘DAA’ in Macro Target, then whenever you press the D button (Key) in the keyboard, it will suggest DAA while writing.

Why is Google Input Tools shut down?

Most of the people use Kritidev font for typing in MS Office Word of the computer, so Google also stopped its support and now it is not available for download even on the official website.

Can we write in krutidev with this Hindi Input Tools?

No, this tool supports only Mangal font which is based on Unicode.

Can I write in Hindi online with Google Input Tools?

Yes, this tool works both online and offline.

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