Advantages of php – Top 10 Fundamental PHP Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages of PHP

Free And Open Source

PHP is free and open source, meaning you will not have to pay any money, you can easily install and use it.

Cross Platform

You can run PHP on any Operating System. Whether it is Linux, Window, Unix, it can run on any type of operating system.

Object Oriented

PHP is also an object-oriented programming language, that is, you can define classes, methods, members in PHP. Object-oriented programming is an approach, where you use classes and objects, like you do in JAVA or C++.


PHP’s runtime performance is very good, because of being interpreted language, PHP Code Line by Line is executed. We do not need to compile it as we do in C, JAVA.

Easy to use

PHP is a very easy language to use, if you know a little bit about C or Java language, then you can learn it very easily,

Powerful library support

You can easily do this with the functional library for PHP and it can easily integrate you with GitHub, such as PDF, Excel etc. you can easily integrate

Disadvantages of PHP


Although PHP is Open Source, so hackers can easily see its source code if there is a bug anywhere in the website.

Not suitable for large applications

It is very difficult to maintain a very large application in PHP.

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